Europe’s 10 Best Motorable Roads

Tejas Pratap
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There are many things to consider when choosing a good driving route. These include the difficulties present in traffic flow, sightseeing and roads.

Find inspiration for your next road trip by exploring the most beautiful roads and driving routes across Europe.

10. B500 Black Forest Germany

B500 Black Forest Germany

The Black Forest High Road, Germany is the most picturesque part of the B500 Holiday Route. It runs between Baden-Baden (North) and the Swiss border (South). Don’t be bothered to pronounce “Schwarzwaldhochstrasse” so its German name. Follow a beautiful scenic route and stick to B500.

9. Route Napoleon, France

Route Napoleon, France

The famous Route Napoleon in France, a 325 KM / 220 Miles long holiday route that runs through France’s Alps Maritimes and North to Grenoble, is a 325 KM / 220 Miles long. Keep an eye out for statues of French Imperial Eagle.

8. High Roads of Romania

High Roads of Romania

The TransAlpina and TransFagarasan are two of the most beautiful driving routes in the world. You can also enjoy beautiful castles and other natural attractions. To reach Romania’s High Roads, fly into Bucharest and Sibiu.

7. San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

The San Bernardino Pass connects the Central Swiss Alps, where most German is spoken, to the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland. The drive along the pass offers a unique driving experience that combines the North with the South in terms of architecture, cuisine, and culture.

6. North Coast 500 Route, Scotland

North Coast 500 Route, Scotland

Because it is not a road, you won’t be able to find Scotland’s NC 500 Route Route on a map. It is a scenic driving route designed to take visitors to the most rural areas of the Scottish Highlands. It has been a huge success since its introduction and the tourism industry has grown.

5. Furka Pass, Switzerland

Furka Pass, Switzerland

Furka Pass, Switzerland, rises to 2341m / 7680ft. It runs between Gletsch und Andermatt. Since the 14th century, this mountain pass has had a long history. In 1964, Sean Connery’s Aston Martin DB5 chased the Furka Pass with his Aston Martin DB5. This made him famous.

4. Stelvio Pass, Italy

Stelvio Pass, Italy

The Stelvio Pass is a beautiful road in Italy. However, we wouldn’t call it the best. The Stelvio is the most well-known driving route in the world, and it has been since 2008. Every summer, visitors from all corners of the globe add the Stelvio to their bucket-list.

3. Grimsel Pass, Switzerland

Grimsel Pass, Switzerland

The Grimsel Pass, located in Switzerland, is a 38-kilometre/24-mile long alpine pass. It is one of Europe’s most paved roads with very little traffic. This stunning mountain road with deep valleys and beautiful scenery is a true driver’s paradise. It reaches 2164 metres above sea level.

2. Grossglockner Pass, Austria

Grossglockner Pass, Austria

Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria, is 48 kms/30 miles of pure driving pleasure. It has 36 turns and a maximum six-meter road width. Every trip to Austria should include a stop at Grossglockner High Alpine Road for its sheer size and stunning views.

1. Susten Pass, Switzerland

Susten Pass, Switzerland

The Susten Pass, Switzerland’s highest peak is located at 2260 meters / 741 feet above sea level. It serves mostly tourism. We would give the Susten a five-star superior rating if we were to compare it with other Swiss Alpine Passes. If asked about our favorite Swiss driving route, we will always shout “Susten Pass”.

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