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Ride The Himalayas

My Travel Story From The Himalayas – Brian Diver

As a long-time motorcyclist, I had been thinking about an “around the world” ride but just couldn’t see how it would be possible as I work full-time. Then I thought, if I can’t do that – where in the world would I really like to ride? While on Facebook, I was attracted to an ad about the “Ride the Himalayas” trip.

The Himalayan Mountain Range seemed like an incredible place to ride, as the trip takes you through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. And the value for the price (all-inclusive) could not be beat!

So I contacted the CEO of and inspiration for Ride the Himalayas motorcycle travel company, Rahul Yadav, to learn more.

Here is me with Rahul Yadav

What impressed me most were his passion for wanting to show the world the beauty of this part of India, his commitment to supporting local businesses and being environmentally conscious. It didn’t take me long to decide to sign up. The hard part was getting a ‘kitchen pass’.

As he did for the others, Rahul graciously met me at Delhi’s international airport (at an ungodly hour) and whisked me to my hotel. Our group of ten from Australia and the United States first met over a late lunch, which was an incredible multicultural buffet at a very nice hotel. While there, all riders paid the balance of their trip and got acquainted. Later we hopped in a fleet of vans and headed north to the high-altitude resort town of Manali, our official starting point.

The drive started around 4 PM. I don’t know how the drivers did it, but they drove all evening and through the night. The views outside my window were amazing – from the hustling, bustling metropolis of Delhi to the farmed countryside.

After we were settled at our beautiful hotel in Manali, we each picked out a Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle for the trip (they were awaiting us at the hotel). Our group went on a quick test ride outside of town to get familiar with the bikes and roads.

We began our adventure the next morning. The first few days we rode through a lush green tropical forested region with terraced orchards on mountainsides before reaching the dry higher altitude mountains and passes that included glaciers.

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  1. Brian, have you kept in touch with Rahul Yadav? Have you done any other rides in India?

    Love to hear back from you.


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