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Brian Diver
By Brian Diver - Everett, Washington
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As a long-time motorcyclist, I had been thinking about an “around the world” ride but just couldn’t see how it would be possible as I work full-time.

Then I thought, if I can’t do that – where in the world would I really like to ride? While on Facebook, I was attracted to an ad about the “Ride the Himalayas” trip.

The Himalayan Mountain Range seemed like an incredible place to ride, as the trip takes you through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. And the value for the price (all-inclusive) could not be beat!

So I contacted the CEO of and inspiration for Ride the Himalayas motorcycle travel company, Rahul Yadav, to learn more.

Here is me with Rahul Yadav

What impressed me most were his passion for wanting to show the world the beauty of this part of India, his commitment to supporting local businesses and being environmentally conscious. It didn’t take me long to decide to sign up. The hard part was getting a ‘kitchen pass’.

As he did for the others, Rahul graciously met me at Delhi’s international airport (at an ungodly hour) and whisked me to my hotel.

Our group of ten from Australia and the United States first met over a late lunch, which was an incredible multicultural buffet at a very nice hotel.

While there, all riders paid the balance of their trip and got acquainted. Later we hopped in a fleet of vans and headed north to the high-altitude resort town of Manali, our official starting point.

The drive started around 4 PM. I don’t know how the drivers did it, but they drove all evening and through the night. The views outside my window were amazing – from the hustling, bustling metropolis of Delhi to the farmed countryside.

After we were settled at our beautiful hotel in Manali, we each picked out a Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle for the trip (they were awaiting us at the hotel). Our group went on a quick test ride outside of town to get familiar with the bikes and roads.

We began our adventure the next morning. The first few days we rode through a lush green tropical forested region with terraced orchards on mountainsides before reaching the dry higher altitude mountains and passes that included glaciers.

Along the way, we shared hi-fives with school children, witnessed a lively wedding celebration with music echoing in the distance, and encountered friendly Indian Army soldiers at checkpoints.

Amidst the journey, we formed close friendships with fellow riders and crew members, creating lasting bonds that enriched the experience.

From the excitement of interacting with locals to the camaraderie among the group, each moment added depth and meaning to our adventure.

A Journey of Breathtaking Beauty and Unexpected Challenges

Brian Diver, Dave Hamilton, Von Lester, and Ken Freund

Around every corner the view was more spectacular than the last, which made me want to go further and further. The road conditions varied from smooth asphalt to dirt and rocks to streams.

Roads paralleled large river valleys and switch backed up and down steep barren mountainsides. Every day the terrain was new and challenging.

When a rockslide blocked the main road, our guides found another route and away we went. When another rockslide blocked our route, we all chilled with the locals until it was cleared.

Some of the streams (from snowmelt) we had to cross were deep, fast moving and quite challenging since I’m a street rider, but I watched more experienced members of our group do it and managed to stay upright.

Cultural Encounters and Unforgettable Landmarks

We visited vibrantly painted monasteries and cultural statues perched on arid mountainsides, including a stunningly beautiful monastery in the middle of nowhere and another monastery founded in 996!

I hiked over to the world’s highest post office at 14,567’ (4,440 m) and visited the highest village at 15,050’ (4587 m). We rode into several national parks and were fortunate to see bharal (blue sheep) with their large handlebar-like horns.

The passes we went over kept getting higher and higher — from Nakeela Pass at 15,547’ to the mighty Khardung La Pass, which at 17,982’ is one of the highest motorable passes in the world!

We explored the Nubra Valley’s famous white sand dunes and rode native camels. We spent one night on the shore of the highest and largest salt water lake in the world — Pangong Lake.

At almost 84 miles long, it stretches far into China. That night some of us braved the cold to take photos of the Milky Way Galaxy in its full splendor.

We stayed at a variety of venues from tent camping to large semi-permanent Swiss tents (with carpets, bathrooms and running water!) to hotels.

Our meals, mostly typical Indian fare, were cooked and eaten in large tents, roadside cafés or restaurants. I appreciated that Rahul’s company supports local lodging and eating venues. As a typical thrifty motorcyclist, this truly is a bucket list trip at an incredible value.

Seamless Adventure: Rahul’s (Ride The Himalayas) Expert Team Makes Every Moment Count

Rahul’s team of riders (lead guide and tail), truck support, motorcycle mechanic and others – plus the fact that it our stays, meals, gas, etc. were taken care of – made the trip an absolute breeze.

We just showed up, hopped on bikes and they lead the way. We felt safe, secure, in experienced hands as this company has been doing this for many years.

You couldn’t ask for a more well-planned trip. Or a more remarkable and rewarding one – physically and visually. Bring your camera and a lot of memory cards because you won’t want to miss taking photos around every bend.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! Even if I couldn’t get a kitchen pass.

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By Brian Diver Everett, Washington
Brian Diver, a former Industrial Engineer at Boeing Company, now finds his thrill in adventure riding across the globe. With a passion for exploration and a love for the open road, he embraces every twist and turn, seeking adrenaline-fueled experiences in the great outdoors.