10 Highest Rugged and Dangerous Motorable Roads

The mighty Himalayas !!

Umling La is now open to ride and is the highest motorable road in the world.

Umling La, Ladakh – 19,300 ft


It is at 5312 meters and is the highest motorable road in India.

Wari La, Jammu & Kashmir – 17,428 ft


Tanglang La, 5328 m high, is located 61 km from Upshi. It is one of the five motorable passes along the Leh-Manali highway.

Tanglang La, Jammu & Kashmir – 17,481 ft


Khardung La is situated at an altitude of 5359 meters above sea level. It is certainly one of the toughest to drive.

Khardung La, Jammu & Kashmir – 17,583 ft


Chang La, 5360 meters above sea level, is on its way to Pangong Lake.

Chang La, Jammu & Kashmir – 17,586 ft


Kaksang La, 5438 m above sea level, is found in the Changthang region of Ladakh.

Kaksang La, Jammu & Kashmir – 17,842 ft


Dongkha La, located at a distance of 5500 meters in Sikkim, is a road connecting Sikkim and Tibet.

Dongkha La, Sikkim – 18,045 ft


Photi La is situated at an altitude of 5524 meters and is about 16 km from Hanle.

Photi La, Jammu & Kashmir – 18,124 ft


Marsimik La is located in the Chang-Chemno Range of Ladakh.

Marsimik La, Jammu & Kashmir – 18,314 ft


Mana Pass, at 5610m, is the highest motorable road in India and the highest accessible pass for vehicles in the world.

Dungri La or Mana Pass, Uttarakhand – 18,406 ft